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Why travel to Mongolia?

Mongolia is at the heart of Asia, on the perfect balance between the ‘East’ of China, and the vast wilderness of Siberia in Russia. This vast, sparsely populated land encompasses a fabulous array of pristine landscapes and a nomadic people whose lives are in many ways unchanged from the days of Genghis Khan and the mighty Mongol Empire. Here, where nomadic herders still depend on nature for survival, you’ll find priceless luxuries outer mongolia, mongolia map, mongolia travel, tours to mongolialike open space, untouched wilderness, and pristine air and water in abundance, each cherished by the Mongolian people. 
And as the 19th largest country in the world, Mongolia’s considerable size means an enormous variety of landscapes, and plenty of room for guests. Awesome expanses of rolling steppe, home to Mongolia"s famous horses and herdsmen, meet high glacial mountains, impenetrable forests and deep, crystal lakes. Like the Mongol Empire of Genghis Khaan’s time that stretched from Japan to Hungary, Mongolia today remains a place of natural and cultural diversity and nearly endless possibilities for discovery and adventure. Cherished by her people, and unspoiled in her beauty, Mongolia waits to be discovered by you!
Mongolia in Brief 
Territory: 1.566.500
Population: 2.9 million (2013)
Ethnic groups: Khalkha Mongols 92%, Kazakhs 3%, others 5% 
Languages spoken: Mongolian is the official language; English, German, Japanese and Russian are the most common foreign languages
Religion: 93% Buddhist & Shamanist, 3% Muslim, 4% Christian
Government: Parliamentary with Prime Minister and President elected once in 4 years
State structure: 21 provinces and the capital city Ulaanbaatar 
Currency: Mongolian tugrug/togrog MNT
Geography: Located in the plateau of Central Asia between Russian Siberia and China, Mongolia covers an area of 1.566.500, which is roughly the size of Western Europe in which has immeasurable huge grass of steppes, sand dunes, rocky and forest Mountain ranges. 
The country is mountainous with an average altitude of 1580 meters above sea level, which makes Mongolia one of the highest countries in the world. The lowest point is Hoh Nuur depression at 560 meters above sea level and the highest point is the Khuiten peak at 4374 m. The capital Ulaanbaatar lies at 1500 m above sea level. The geography of the country is characterized by great diversity. From the north to the south, it can be divided into 4 areas: mountain forest steppe, mountain steppe and, semi-desert and desert. In contrast to most visitors’ expectations, much of the country’s territory is mountainous.
Mongolian Climate: The Mongols are the people who live under the blue sky that is remarkable sunny country enjoying 250 sunny days per year. The climate of Mongolia is such extreme and because of the totally landlocked location, it is quite dry and diverse. In summers, average temperature is 20"C and – 24 Celsius in winters. 
Mongolian Culture: Traditionally, Mongolian lifestyle is based on nomadic lifestyle in which consists of vary kind of nomadic tribes. Mongolian Culture is unique and dissimilar to anywhere else in the world. The combination of glorious history, nomadic civilization and its wonderful traditions and the pristine nature make Mongolia a truly special experience definitely not to be missed.
Mongolia Travel Destinations: Mongolia’s best travel routes and attractions are classified into 6 main categories by the geographical locations: Ulaanbaatar and around, Southern Mongolia – the Gobi Desert region, Western Mongolia, Central Mongolia, Northern Mongolia and the Eastern Mongolia – Great Eastern Plains.
We at Mongolian Luxury Travel are ready to take you to the land of the blue skies - Mongolia and show you the best of the unique nomadic culture, untouched nature, the Gobi desert, Buddhist traditions, and uncommon adventures!


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