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Mongolia Health and Safety

Health and Medical Info for Mongolia: 

As with any destination visitors should be sure to consult with local authorities to decide which medical treatments are necessary.  Travellers should also be sure to carry suitable medical insurance and sufficient medical supply. Fortunately there are no immunizations required for entry into the country. For any emergency there are multiple good hospitals available in the capital and a few others located in provincial centers. Mongolia Luxury Travel cooperates with S.O.S. Medica, the leading western hospital in Mongolia, for all emergencies. Emphasis on western will be very comfortable for tourists

Mongolia Water Quality:

Mongolia has stellar water quality, especially when compared to other Asian countries. While it is not recommended to drink the tap water, especially in Ulaanbaatar, many visitors have drunk untreated tap water without any problems. Drinking bottled water is recommended, however, and throughout your travels, bottled water is very easy to find.


Mongolia Safety:

The Mongolian countryside is one of the safest places in the world. Courteous nomads live in harmony with each other. There are no religious conflicts, guerrillas or even any natural disasters. Mongols are a welcoming people who are curious and ready to help anyone in need. As in any major city, pickpocketing in the capital city’s most crowded places does occur, but simple precautions can prevent this from happening. 



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